AKA Dean Litster
Owner, Pizza Chef of Armando’s Amherstburg

Professor Zaaa will wake up your taste buds with shockingly delicious unusual flavor combinations and decadently elaborate dough. Each Professor Zaaa pizza is thoughtfully planned to make you say “what the-?!” and then blow your mind a little bit (or a lot.) You might think to yourself, “that won’t work on a pizza.” But then it does.
And it’s always delicious.

Dean is an award winning pizza chef who holds the title of Best Canadian Pizza Chef 2019. He has also brought traditional ‘Windsor-style’ pizza to the ultimate test at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas and taken home 3rd place against pizzaiolos from around the world. Dean has been eating, sleeping, and breathing Armando’s pizza since he was 15 years old. He began working as a pizza maker over 20 years ago and worked his way up to a management position, then Corporate Pizza Chef, and now proudly owns his own location in Amherstburg, Ontario. Dean leads an amazing team of staff and uses premium local ingredients to create delicious zaaa and many other delectable experiments!